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What are stretch marks and what are their characteristics?

Stretch marks are essentially a type of scar caused by the rupture of the dermis (middle layer of the skin) due to the sharp stretching (pulling) of the skin, usually after a sudden change in weight or due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy, adolescence and excessive muscle growth. They are due to atrophy and absence of layers of skin. 75-90% of women will experience stretch marks during pregnancy to some extent, while adolescent mothers are at higher risk.

Men can also get stretch marks when they are overweight or after large weight fluctuations, while their development has also been linked to steroid use. They can occur anywhere on the body, but usually develop on areas of the body with large amounts of fat such as in the abdomen, chest, arms, armpits, back, inner and outer thighs, hips and buttocks.

Initially, the marks are red-pink or purple while they gradually “fade” and become white or silver.

Although they may fade over time, in most cases they do not disappear completely without external intervention. Moreover, different types of treatment are required based on their color (red-white stretch marks). Currently, laser is the only method that helps to heal or gradually improve these aesthetic problems, quickly, painlessly, safely and without side effects.

White stretch marks are treated with the Fractional laser HARMONY XL PRO and autologous PRP mesotherapy.

Applying fractional photorejuvenation technology, Fractional HARMONY XL PRO targets the water of the skin, channeling energy to the deeper layers of the skin, and leaving the outer layer of skin unaffected. It is essentially a healing process that stimulates the natural process of collagen and elastin regeneration and continues for months after the end of the sessions. The texture of the skin improves thanks to the production of new collagen while the skin acquires a natural elasticity and a more youthful appearance.

Applying the method of thermal sublimation, Fractional HARMONY XLPRO ERBIUM YAG dissipates energy into the deeper layers of the skin, creating small thermal zones, between which there is healthy skin. Due to the heat that develops, fibroblasts are stimulated and collagen production increases drastically.

Stretch marks are essentially areas of skin with a reduced collagen proportion. The action of PRP autologous mesotherapy and its ability to induce new collagen production through healing processes has excellent results in improving the appearance of white stretch marks. Repeated application has a cumulative effect.

The total number of sessions required for the treatment of both white and red stretch marks depends on the individualized treatment plan designed by our doctor Sofoklis Nikolaidis. In any case, however, a program of at least 8 sessions is considered necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. The interval is set at 20 to 25 days, it is determined by the doctor and is clearly related to the prescribed treatment plan.

How much does the treatment of stretch marks cost?

The cost is determined based on the severity and extent of the problem and therefore the type and number of sessions required. These are determined by the physician after evaluation, discussion and joint planning with the person concerned.

At Dionysiou Medi Spa, each case is studied separately and the responsible doctor may propose combinations of treating methods to ensure the best outcome.

The consultation appointment is carried out by our specialized doctor. We use modern medical equipment, known to be safe. The proposed treatments are personalized, based on your individual needs. We combine the most effective medical methods and techniques to ensure the best outcome.

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