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Brown spots are an aesthetic problem that concerns mainly women.

They are found in areas that are exposed to sunlight and are more vulnerable to the development of discoloration, such as the face, neckline and arms.

The spots usually do not affect the general health of the person, but they make the skin look old and damaged. If you feel bad about the way your hands or face look, it’s time to get rid of the problem permanently by choosing the treatment that best suits you.


Laser is an effective way to get rid of spots while rejuvenating tired skin. It is a painless technique, without side effects that does not damage the surrounding healthy tissues.


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive anti-aging method that gives skin regeneration and renewal. By administering active substances to the lower layers of the skin, the discolorations disappear and the skin is deeply hydrated.


Peeling is one of the most well-known treatments of aesthetic dermatology. The ingredients applied to the skin remove dead cells. The new layer that appears underneath has an improved tone, is free of freckles, spots and unattractive marks.

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