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Over time and due to exposure to sunlight, the skin tends to become more brittle and may show freckles and pigmented spots.

That is why we pay special attention to regulating the synthesis of melanin so as to reduce their appearance, soften their color intensity and reduce their size.

Biological aging, fine lines and wrinkles, deep wrinkles, loose skin, infection, large pores.

Wrinkles start forming long before they appear on the surface of the skin. Turn your biological clock backwards. By repairing the soft lines and wrinkles we restore the skin, improve its elasticity and showcase the best texture and tonality of the skin with the anti-aging line murad Anti-Aging. This lines promises that your skin will look and feel years younger.

Duration: 75 minutes Price: €50

Environmental aging, blotches, age marks, soft lines and wrinkles, dry, hardened and dull skin.

Every day that goes by leaves its mark on the skin. Daily exposure to sunlight, smoking, environmental pollution and stress cause damage and premature aging to the skin. The murad environmental shield line helps the reconstruction, rejuvenation and protection of the skin which is exposed to the factors mentioned above. The appearance of aging marks is delayed and the skin feels healthy and appears more firm.

Price:€50 Duration:75 min

Rich treatment with 100% natural select herbs.

With two action mechanisms, it is more efficient when applied to skins with blotches, large pores, marks and acne scars improving the texture of the skin and leaving it more bright and vibrant.

These treatments are only carried out in the winter.

Duration: 75 minutes Price: €50

Face treatment, rich in red fruit acids for immediate shine and vitality.

It resculptures the texture of the skin, softens expression lines, spots and scars and helps the skin restore its tone and moisture.

Ideal for dull faces with spots and wrinkles. Feel revitalized and show off a more well-rested and shiny skin.

Duration: 75 minutes Price: €50

Thanks to their intense exfoliating action, fruit acids cleanse the skin deeply, soften wrinkles and age spots, regulate sebum and reduce spots caused due to acne or other reasons.

At the same time with AHA treatment, we offer the skin additional nutritional and moisturizing ingredients to help it regenerate.

We use a mix of fruit acids with different molecular weights for action at different levels and times.

AHA treatments are carried out exclusively in the winter.

After the application of fruit acids, the skin regains its shine and its rejuvenating power.

Duration: 1.30 minutes Price: €65

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