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Sensitive skin is a common skin condition challenge for many individuals.

This problem is related to harmful environmental attacks, poor nutrition and the stress of everyday life. That is why we use special treatments with soothing properties.


Sensitve, dry, tired and fragile skin with red spots and acne rosacea. It can also resemble redness.

Weather conditions can affect the quality of the skin and especially when we are dealing with sensitive skin.

The murad redness therapy line gives the skin soothing ingredients that help it become soft and moisturized.

Price:€50 Duration:75 min

As is the case with nature, our skin lives according to the rhythms and needs of each season.

Seasonal treatment is inspired by the wealth of nature and has managed to combine natural active ingredients, aromas and a pleasant environment.

Price:€45 Duration:75 min

Experience the ultimate relaxation with special essential oils depending on your individual needs and skin type.

Lose yourself in the magical aromatherapy that begins from the area of the back and ends on the face.

Enjoy the feeling of calmness and rest with the use of warm aromatic towels and other nutritional ingredients for the skin.

Duration: 1.30 minutes Price: €60

Detox Therapy is a treatment that immediately activates the elimination of toxins, fights free radicals and gives the skin all the active ingredients it needs to be healthy and able to cope with all the harmful conditions.

In addition, it improves skin hydration and prevents transdermal water loss.

Price:€45 Duration:75 min

Hydro Power skin therapy is a treatment that focuses on moisturizing and activating the skin.

It achieves the optimal moisturization and reconstruction of the hydrolipid film as well as the oxygenation and reinforcement of the skin defense system.

Stimulates the cell regeneration mechanism and detoxifies.

Skin becomes incredibly soft, healthy-looking, deeply moisturized and toned.

Price:€50 Duration:75 min

Blue Lagoon Therapy aims to treat moisturization problems and is recommended for normal and dry skins.

It enhances the water balance of the skin deeply and with a long lasting effect.

It restores the natural defenses of the skin against thirst and enhances its hydrolipid balance. Thanks to its rich ingredients, it also acts as a water reservoir, gradually providing water to the skin, which satisfies even very dry skin.

It softens fine lines caused by dehydration and leaves the skin soft and bright looking.

Price:€50 Duration:1h 30min

Face cleansing using ultrasounds is a deep cleansing ideal for very sensitive skin types.

It is carried out with the use of ultrasounds which help us remove dead cells from our skin, without irritating it.

Suitable for all ages and the frequency required depends on the individual needs of each skin type.

Of course, the cleansing is followed by a treatment with cosmetics (cremes, serums, masks) chosen based on the needs of the skin.

Duration: 1.30 minutes Price: €65

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