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Regain your natural harmony.

Sauna has always been important for the Finnish and has a long tradition dating back at least a thousand years. Initially, sauna was a part of personal hygiene as it was the only area where clean water was available in large quantities. Hence, during the first years of its operation, sauna was an area reserved for labour and for the gathering of patients seeking treatment.

During our stay in the sauna, blood circulates faster, carbon dioxide is released and hemospheres receive new oxygen thus stimulating the activity of the heart muscle.

The beneficial properties of the sauna are well known: it gives you a general sense of relaxation and restores vitality to the arteries and elasticity to our skin.

Sweating guarantees a rapid toxin reduction, relieving liver and kidney function, and balancing the metabolism. Sauna is a medicine with minor harmful effect.

It is a completely natural and pleasant relaxation method which allows the use to regain their natural harmony. It is a way to relax from the stress of modern life as dry air, excessive sweating, extreme heat and cold showers are elements that give us a pleasant feeling of physical and mental relaxation.

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