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Oxygenation Treatments

A treatment that boosts the metabolism of the cells and the skin.

The treatment techniques detoxify the skin and at the same time offer relaxation thanks to the warm pads that are placed on the face.

The skin breathes and is clean of all kinds of impurities.

Price:€60 Duration:1h 30min

Soin Oxygen ant Stimulant is a treatment that offers external softness, internal efficiency and is 100% effected against free radicals.

Oxygen therapy provide tissues with the necessary oxygen from the first application.

This treatment softens all signs of skin damage which are due to either environmental factors (infection, ultraviolet radiation, etc.), or smoking and stress and which create an aged skin.

With this treatment, the skin becomes energized as it regains its natural ways of defense and its texture is immediately restored, while the wrinkles and marks which can be found on a tired skin are softened.

Price:€60 Duration:1h 30min

Detox Therapy is a treatment that immediately activates the elimination of toxins, fights free radicals and gives the skin all the active ingredients it needs to be healthy and able to cope with all the harmful conditions.

In addition, it improves skin hydration and prevents transdermal water loss.

Price:€45 Duration:75 min

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