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The skin on the hands is rather thin and unfortunately it is exposed to a variety of factors which damage it and create wrinkles. But you can rejuvenate your hands in a natural manner.

Constant contact with various surfaces, the use of chemicals and exposure to the sun can cause visible damage to your hands making them look less attractive. As a result, small spots, wrinkles and other imperfections associated with premature aging start appearing.

This problem appears after the age of 30 as the skin becomes less firm and collagen and elastin are produced at a lower rate.


Treatments with fractional laser are used to make the skin more smooth, reduce wrinkles and improve the tightening of the hands. Lasers cause catalysis at the upper layers of the skin and result in fewer wrinkles, freckles and tightness. Small laser beams are applied to the skin while parts of the skin between the beams remain intact.

This reduces the potential risk and makes the treatment safer for all areas of the body and face.


Plasma skin regeneration therapy (rejuvenation of the hands with the use of plasma) is a very efficient treatment. It uses plasma to reduce discolorations with an additional advantage the softening of the wrinkles and the tightening of the skin.

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