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Metabolic rate calculation

Resting Metabolic Rate calculation Evaluation of cardiovascular function, fitness level and functional assessment of body parts.

Oxidative stress calculation

Calculation of the levels of free radicals Measurement of the body’s antioxidant capacity.

Measurement of body weight, body fat, muscle mass and bodily fluids.

Measurement of body weight:

  • Analysis of the adipose tissue percentage

  • Analysis of the muscle mass percentage

  • Total bodily fluids analysis

  • Detailed analysis of intracellular and extracellular fluid in order to assess the state of bodily fluids

24-hour calorie intake measuring, measuring of calorie intake and measuring of sleep status

  • Monitoring of the sleep state

  • Recording of bedtimes

  • Measurement of daily energy consumption

  • Detailed analysis of energy consumption through exercise

  • Detailed analysis of energy consumption during work

What do I need to do to burn more fat, lose weight, improve my health and achieve maximized performance?

Together we can prepare a diet plan that suits your needs ensuring better results and that can be easily applied as it is adapted to your everyday life.

Solutions are offered in the following cases:

Treatment of the increased needs of both the woman and the embryo during and after pregnancy.

Addressing the needs of the organism of a child to avoid obesity problems while monitoring the normal growth of the child.

Reduction of body fat while maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

Increase of muscle mass and glycogen stores while improving athletic performance and increasing physical energy.

Checking of parameters that are responsible for oxidative stress and cardiovascular, respiratory, and kidney health problems. Preparation of specialized diets, based on the problems.

The aim is to intervene in cases of malnutrition to help our clients gain weight, maintain their desirable weight and monitor their progress.

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