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ARTIFICIAL NAILS: Eye-catching nails with a flawless manicure, by applying artificial nails, without peeling at the edges, firmly and as long as you wish.

In addition to their obvious aesthetic effect, artificial nails or onychoplasty helps to hide broken or worn nails.

They are also a solution in cases of nail-biting.

However, this is a demanding technique, so it is good to be done by technicians who have the necessary knowledge and experience. At Dionysiou Medi Spa we are proud of our girls who with their skills and enthusiasm, always achieve great results.

The application

  • Physical enhancement
    Apply the material directly on the natural nail, without the use of a mold.
  • Form (Gel – acrylic)
    Using the form, we make the extension of the nails and give the length and shape we want with the material that suits you, gel or acrylic.
  • Artificial nail care
    We suggest a visit for the maintenance of the artificial nails, every about 20 days, since during this period our natural nail grows longer, as a result of which the artificial nail goes down.
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