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Accent Elite PRO promises solutions to three different face and body problems.

Accent Elite PRO has:

  • Shallow heat channeled to the skin (outer layer of skin) to treat sagging and soften fine wrinkles.
  • Moderate heat injected into the dermis (inner layer of skin) to treat cellulite.
  • Deep heat injected into the hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue (deeper layer of skin) to reduce localized fat.

The technique:

Accent Elite PRO with the new Phase Shifter technology is a next generation device for shaping the body contour and provides Dynamic Phase Control for the most effective and painless application of RF radio frequencies in cosmetology. This new machine combines the two types of radio frequencies, while it is the only system through which the patented Unipolar Pro technology can control with absolute accuracy the depth of penetration of RF energy. Thus, monopolar radio frequency is not uncontrollable and, with the new Phase Shifter technology, the phase of radio frequency is changed on the spot and the depth of heating of the tissue is completely controlled based on the result it wants to achieve.

The process:

The bipolar radio frequency penetrates to a depth of 6 mm, while the monopolar can penetrate to a depth of up to 20 mm. So, depending on the result you want to achieve you can choose the depth of application. Also, the combination of monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency provides a solution to the problem of relaxation in face and body. This new device can achieve great changes in the tissue, without invasive treatments and pain, while both heads protect the tissue with a cooling mechanism, providing greater skin protection and comfort during treatment.

Besides, the Accent Elite PRO, based on the energy of monopolar radio frequency, also works with the innovative Micro-Plasma RF technology. This technology creates tiny treatment zones with more or less thermal “damage”, leaving healthy skin unaffected to activate the body to begin natural regeneration with new collagen and elastin.

PIXEL RF is used in skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of chickenpox scars and rejuvenation of aging skin. In addition, it can be used in cooperation with other invasive procedures and photo-rejuvenation treatments.

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