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Hydrodermabrasion is an excellent method of bloodless mesotherapy without needles, for a person who shines with health!

Hydradermie facial treatment by Guinot, can be applied to any skin type, making the facial skin look youthful with a soft texture.

During the treatment, we use personalized Guinot dermocosmetics while ionization technology helps in the effective penetration of the active substances.

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  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Brightness and anti-discoloration
  • Oiliness
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-aging
  • Prevention / Repair of damage from sun exposure

Ionization is a technology in which, with an iontophoresis head, precious substances are transdermally administered with the help of ions, keeping the skin intact without injury. At Dionysiou Medi Spa, applying Guinot Hydradermie, double ionization is done as it is a patented technology of this institute for even better results. Finally, the electrodes stimulate cellular activity and thus the face acquires a rejuvenated appearance, looks radiant and renewed.

The face acquires a radiant look, while the skin becomes more elastic, clean and smooth.

And because sometimes the numbers speak for themselves and always tell the truth, according to Guinot study data, after a single session we have skin with increased hydration by 52.3% and reduced wrinkle depth by 49.7 %!

Each skin has its own unique needs. However, usually according to Hydradermie specifications, around 6-8 sessions are needed. One session per week. Upon completion of the program, a monthly maintenance session is required.

Hydradermie is a completely painless mesotherapy, without needles and without injuring the skin.

We use only Guinot products. They do not contain parabens and the plant substances in them do not come from crops with mutant products.

Also very important is the fact that Guinot cosmetics are not used for animal testing.

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